True Colours

A person who detest you will try to make you look and feel dumb about yourself because on the inside of them; that’s how they feel about themselves,
That’s what they see when they how in the mirror at themselves,
No matter how much self talk that they give themselves; they can never come to grips with loving themselves, if you hate your ownself then your battle with life is already lost,
Because you can never express genuine love for others, because you don’t love you,
People who seek approval from others most likely hate themselves, people will only care how much you can do for them, that’s why impressing people should be the less thing on your list of accomplishments,
These kind of people always expose the inner bigotry that they have for humanity, once they prove their worth to you willingly, cut them off, because they want you to lose in life, they obominate your existence,
No matter what you go through in life you should never display the characteristics of what you’ve experienced on others just because you hate yourself,
many people are reaping what they’ve sown even before they’ve sown it,
Some people will shew you why you are not to mingle and blend with everybody
A Racial Preference has nothing to do with being Wise and Making The Right Choices.


They tell you anything,
A pathological lyer sees nothing good in others their own disadvantages in life’s course keeps them bitter at The World,
You cannot never take a lyer seriously;
Lyers are just like ailments you just don’t want them;
What lyers attempt to do is this;
They attempt to cause you to lose out in life;
Due to my upbringing I’m aware of such people,
It’s as if they are rotting corpses from The Inside,
They think that everybodies dumb but them, they figure since they went through The Plantation, Got Indoctrinated, worked as a slave in government private sector jobs, retired, they think that they are wise, people like that you will only turn into your enemy’s if you correct them,
We already live in a World where Harsh Truths hurt feelings, so telling The Truth is discouraged,
People hate The Truth, being Truthful want get you many friends, being a Yes Man will,
You would rather exemplify a facade life,
Lie to your Children telling them Santa comes down a Chimney, set them up for failure,
Teach them to lie to you,
Live a fake life,
Go alone just trying to survive on Plantation America just because you are weak and want to keep your job,
Slaves when told they where free they didn’t want to leave their jobs,
Now those same jobs are fought over, buddy-systemed about, from The New Labor, Wage, and Rent Slaves.

Young & Restless

Young & Restless:
Back Seat Love
In The Heat of Passion Got the
Best- It’s Me and You Girl
V: You’re doing what you’re told
to do Love
Me I’m doing what I was born to do significantly as a Dove;
A heated situation almongst us
With heavy demands saying things that we’ve never said,
Like “Baby Please Don’t Go”
The kind of things that we never said before,
All I know is that I’m Young and I want some more,
You’re the type of girl that I never want let go,
Music to my hears as The Backseat be greeting us;
Young Lovers never letting up;
Some fantasize about all The Adventures that we’ve been through
Chorus: Back Seat Love
In The Heat of Passion Got the
Best- It’s Me and You Girl

V:2 Like King Solomon I’m into making love,
Can’t let them satin sheets get the best of me though;
A borderline freak, I just might be,
All the game that I ever seen never came from an Earthly father figure,
I was thrown into these streets left to survive or die,
The many maneuvers just to this point and moment in my life,
emotions run deep,
Starting a Family of My own might be an option for me

Chorus:Back Seat Love
In The Heat of Passion Got the
Best- It’s Me and You Girl

V: Let The Gospel guide my every mode;
While Elegantly Elaborating Mellifluous Flows,
There’s no time mode I just let them go;
Some settle for plastic and bronze;
Me I like Silver, Platinum and Gold;
I still hear in my mind the enjoyous cries of “Baby Please don’t Go”
As The Story goes somethings are for a moment other things are for a lifetime,
I can want you to be mine; but if it’s not right it is just not right and will not last,
Like a Cheap bottle of Wine and earlier morning hangover that fling is over
” Baby Please Don’t Go”
Oh You Want Some More
“Baby Please Don’t Go”
This The End of The Show

The Survivors

Nobody pays attention to a Soldier who died at War;
But they are mindful of a Soldier who survived The War,
Reputations are built around winners;
As it is Only Right that a Person who went through every inhumane thing deserves that recognition;
Hunted down like wild game by The Government,
Nobody cares about a Just Man in this Worthless World,
Just when I think of how The Egyptians would cut slaves off from their daily food as a form of control and punishment, America is the same exact way,
They use food, shelter and Resources as weapons of war,
Egypt Lost its power just like America has lost its power,
All of America’s Top leaders will be Corpses within Ten years, all of then, that old worthless bunch will be wiped from this planet, all memory of them will be destroyed and burnt,
The Survivors are The Righteous Ones They Will Always be Remembered,
From Generation to Generation Throughout All Generations of The World,
Working for a Memory, and Notoriety is what all people work for,
They want to be remembered, they should take a look at history and this current society,
All the people that have been born and died,
Look at how many presidents where written out of history, all these people who nobody cares about and then look at The Righteous that People Quote, Read, Live By and Study to be like,
You can’t work for Eternal Fame, as all things come from AHBA YAHUWAH, you can’t receive anything on your own, not now not ever,
To think that someday, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Prince, Madonna, 2pac Aretha Franklin and etc. will be forgotten someday and all memory of them will be erased for Society is Reality.


It really burns to see people who are evil that see other human beings as nobodies maybe because of their lack of a home, clothes or funds,
Worthless people who have cursed themselves and their households,
A backbiter is a person who bad mouths a person,
backbiters are cursed people, because they criticize The Humble and Contrite,
Ignorant people see no use in Spiritual qualities they just see all the things that they can complain in life about,
They respect those in fine suits,
They overlook The One who has inherited All Things,
Enduring through hatred and obstacles is a big challenge, everyday waking up to see those who hate you,
those who pretend friendliness with fake smiles,
Evil people, hell bound,
Right here in Colorado where a demonic spirit of reprobates roam,
The land here is cursed with bubonic plague in The Soil, The Land has rejected these people, The Animals are suffering and dying from all kinds of diseases,there’s diseases here that are killing people ; diseases that have never been heard of before,
These people are wicked, They have Rejected The Name, Face and Image of YAHUWAH which is HIS Prophet Here in This Land,
All The Money in The World can’t revert a Sentence handed down to unjust ones,
Blasphemy is an unforgivable penalty,
This is a Warning, you will not see this on The TV or promotional Brochures, Promoters who want your money avoid telling the truth, all you got the do is write Colorado Bubonic Plagues and you’ll see how they are scrambling to contain and burn the land trying to rid it of its plagues,
Those Wildfires are government burns that got out of hand,
Burns that are Top Secret because of those plagues they don’t want people to know about, these people are on their deathbed’s here,
The Truth is Hate Speech to those that hate The Truth,
Blindly going about their lives with The Pride of Life in Their heart’s.

I Don’t Want That

I don’t want an American Woman because American Women are petty and Materialistic,
These guys that have something to prove to them can have them,
A woman controlling a man, now that’s ridiculous,
These Centennial girls are what I don’t want, they breed them to be whores here,
A whore is a waste of my time, as it should be of any man of Noble Character,
There’s a Spiritual War going on, there’s no settling for what is less than best for you,
People Gamble with their freedom everyday of their lives,
Nobody will die, do time, or bleed for you, people are good at convincing others that they will do these things,
It takes alot to endure persecution, rejection, mockery, from those who look like you, they hate you because you haven’t revealed your wealth so that they can rob, use, or fake befriend you, this is all I see from the black race in America,
They will always be in bondage because They envy The Righteous, White People have received the rewards that blacks refuse to obey and receive,
That’s what’s wrong with Black people though they want temporary security,
White People have invested time, dedication, and money pursuing The Gospel;
Black People are concern about violence amongst each other,
They care nothing About The Gospel or they would have studied and ridded their Churches of all false Doctrine, idols; then they Would know THE TRUE NAME OF THE FATHER and THE SON if they Truly Cared to know,
They don’t care to know, everything is traditional with them,
Just like lost Israel in The Wilderness, for forty years they sacrificed to pagan dieties,
They did not want to learn, and when told that they where wrong they wanted to kill The Men YAHUWAH Sent to warn them,
If They where obedient then The Police that are Slaughtering then today would be Plagued, since they are disobedient THE AHBA uses The Police to destroy them; as HE has already said in Deuteronomy,
Those who do not Walk In HIS LAW, to Obey and Fulfill All of Them will be destroyed, The Wicked shall not have a portion with The Righteous.

Doing Time

Seeing with My Own Eye’s what has been done to The Poor here in Colorado,
Watching how poor people go from living in and on The Streets to committing petty crimes to get themselves locked up so that can survive The Winter,
While locked up they go through the food line multiple times,
I would not have known this unless I had experienced this myself,
People frown on the poor everywhere in The World,
Just Like I once did myself,
We teach people to hate people that can’t do for themselves or are just going through hard times,
While we reward Corporate Thugs who rob, steal, and who are active slum lords,
We would like to think that your best interest is to look out for yourself and help others if you can get it back through a tax write off,
I have never seen so much hatred until I seen how people treat poor people; they treat them like harzardous waste, filth, despicable, and detestable animals,
People die in these streets and nobody remembers The Poor;
Beethoven, Mozart, Bach and Haydn all died impoverished men,
The Only reason why people know about them is this, The World continues to make money from them,
2pac and Michael Jackson died poor and look at how much the world celebrate those impoverished men, they celebrate them because they make money from them, Robert Johnson died broke and never saw any fame in his lifetime, these people are celebrated because others continue to make money from them,
In Reality money, materials and a social status doesn’t make you rich, HAVING THE SPIRIT OF HOLINESS DETERMINES A WEALTHY PERSON!

Getting Rid of The Enemy

It’s easy if you apply your mind, people that dislike you will easily be discomforted and uncomfortable about any successes that you achieve and if you tell them enough about how good you’re doing while you are abased or abounded they will wonder in their head’s to think that they have all this material and worldly gain and here you are broke, no home, and yet you are more happier than them and your profession is boldly that I’m Doing Good plus I’m Blessed,
I grew up around people who prided themselves off of what they can see,
Worldly people who hate themselves, people who are slaves to their own habits and devices,
These people try to give you advice but their path’s is the pathway to hell,
The little that a Righteous Man has is more Greater than the Abundance of The Wicked,
The Wicked has no hope even with Great Earthly Wealth they are still broke, What does a man gain by gaining The World in unjust dealings and losing their soul’s in Eternal flames,
Like a dog that eats until it vomits is a greedy person,
They are antisocial; the only time they talk is when they are ridiculing someone, they promote you by speaking on your Presence, because obliviously you have rented a spot that festers in their mind,
They tell you how someone else may view you or think of you when these are their very own thought’s of you, the enemy pretends to be friendly, that’s how worthless people operate, they roam this earth looking for whom they may devour, they’re already in hell, their spirit is in Sheol and misery loves company.